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Dale gives presentation on Thermography to employees of Tanger Outlets

No touching, No squeezing, NO RADIATION



Thermography can be used to view any part of the body, but is mostly utilized for breast. It can identify problem areas 6 to 8 YEARS before a mammogram! (That gives you plenty of time to change your lifestyle/diet, to make a positive impact on your health!  It's totally non-invasive with NO RADIATION! 

Images are read, and reports generated by medical doctors.

The scan procedure is very simple, just pose in front of the camera and it will take the required images for the area of interest (from one area such as the breasts, up to a full body).

We use Meditherm equipment.

The scan can be done on any part of the body (except the hair part of the head) and can be used on any age group!    TOTALLY NON-INVASIVE!


$215 - (NEW) Immuno Health Report

$215 - 1 region of interest (breasts) 

$315 - 2 regions

$415 - 3 regions

$515 - full body including breasts

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