Sleeping Pods with Shungite
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Esogetic Colorpuncture

Colored Light Therapy!

The application of light and color as a healing modality is a rapidly developing field with roots in ancient medicine. Color light therapy offers a pain free, non-invasive therapy with no side effects!  Light exhibits a unique capacity to effect psychological and spiritual healing while simultaneously supporting physical health. 

Using a combination of colored light,  infrared frequencies, ultraviolet frequencies, to gently unlock and release emotional trauma and energetic blocks which often underlie our illnesses.

Good Stuff!

Benefits Include:

  • Clearing Prenatal Information

  • Boost Immune System

  • Balance Meridians

  • Enhance Vitality

  • Support Addiction Recovery

  • Move Lymph (reduce pain)

  • Support Menopause

  • Get In Touch With Your "Program" (why you are here)

  • Improve Sleep

  • Dream Enhancement

  • Great With Children On The Spectrum (ADHD, Autism, Highly Sensitive)

  • Gently Heal Trauma In The Body

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