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About Us

How did we get here?

A View to Your Health was formed in early 2007 and then incorporated in 2008 by wife and husband team Dale & Ted Kanterman. In 2012 it was formed into a PHMA (Private Health Membership Association). For the past twenty years they’ve shared a keen interest in what factors play a role in improving and maintaining health.

Heather Duro just joined our staff in January 2018.  She is an Herbalist and will offer our clients her in depth knowledge of herbs, what they do and how they are effective.  She will custom-make herbal mixtures, matching the needs of each individual.  She has also completed her first Craniosacral Therapy course and is currently doing sessions with Dale.  She will continue taking more courses, continuing on Dale's own path.

Completely disenchanted with conventional medicine and shocked by the alarming increase in disease and general ill health in the richest country on the planet, they felt moved to initiate a process of personal health education for their own well being.

This course of action, which actually began by attending a presentation about Nutritional Microscopy revealed to them that the entire medical establishment may have it all wrong! This revelation was the motivation to learn more and they followed up with a course in Biological Terrain Research which sought to uncover the causes of health imbalance specific to the individual, not the symptoms generic to the masses.

Well, now they were really hooked and they each followed up by enrolling in accredited courses. Dale is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, and Ted has received his BSHH from the Global College of Natural Medicine. He also holds his HHP MH and NC certificates and is designated as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners). Dale & Ted both currently hold CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) certifications which is offered through a subsidiary of Trinity College, and Clinical Thermographer designations from ACCT, (American College of Clinical Thermology).

We have come to the conclusion that all chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, and others) are caused by cellular inflammation. And cellular inflammation is caused by bad fats, toxins and sugar!

The ultimate goal of this dual career path change is to create a “Healing Center” where people can go to receive a wide variety of healing, non-invasive modalities, health education, top quality professional supplementation.

Towards that end, AVTYH currently offers professional nutritional and homeopathic supplements from a variety of professional vendors. Also available are a complete line of Flower Essences (for both humans and pets).

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