Sleeping Pods with Shungite
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Red light therapy

NEW at A View To Your Health!

 Red Light for your health.

Benefits Include:



Rejuvenate & Anti Aging

Repair Damaged Tissues

Stimulates Hair Growth

Boosts Collagen & Complexion

Reduces Acne & Rosacea

Reduces Inflammation

Reduces Wrinkles


Boosts ATP Production

Helps Build Muscle

Increases Strength

Increases Sports Performance

Increases Mental Focus


Boosts Natural Testosterone Levels

Help Hypo & Hyper Thyroidism

Deeper & More Restful Sleep

Helps Hormone Production

Reduces Anxiety

Reduces Depression

Mood -

Recover Muscle Soreness Faster

Relieves Joint Pain & Tendonitis

Repairs Nerves & Cellular Damage

Reduces Fybromyalgia & Arthritis

Boosts Blood Flow

WAVELENGTHS = 660nm & 850nm

Our Installation:

(In the Thermography room)


Call us @336-763-2459 for details

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