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Why are we all so sick?  We have very high rates of heart disease and cancer.  Both adults and children alike are getting heavier and heavier, and diabetes is rampant.  In fact what used to be called "Adult Onset Diabetes" (Type 2) is now quite common in children!  And it is predicted that, in the current generation, children will NOT outlive their parents!

Presumably the US is the wealthiest country in the world, with the best. most advanced healthcare available!   We have an abundance of food available to us, so we should all be enjoying perfect health and living long, happy lives!  Well, obviously that is not the current situation, and actually it's far from it!

            Illness does not occur without cause!

I've heard life described here as "60 years of so-so existence followed by 20 years of pain and death!"  Is this the way it's supposed to be?  Does everyone on the planet experience the same fate?  The answers are "no" and "no"!

There are civilizations on the planet that enjoy great health, are physically fit well into their 80s and 90s, and routinely live to over 100 years and beyond!  These are primitive civilizations to be sure, but what are the factors that enable their health and longevity? 

Very simply, they consume food that is grown locally and organically (and not genetically-modified) in soil that likely contains a much higher level of nutrients and minerals than ours, and they live in an environment, and follow a lifestyle, that could only be referred to as "non-toxic", with little or no stress, and a supportive bond between family members as well as generations (elders are revered, respected, and the young learn from those that have gone before them).

Another plus (for them) is that they do not have a "highly advanced, highly technological, highly EXPENSIVE medical "health care" system that is being driven by greed and corruption!

Good health is actually quite simple to attain...all you need do is give the body what it needs to keep itself in repair, and just get out of its way and let it do what it was designed to do.  After all, your body is the ONLY thing that can heal itself!

The true case of ALL chronic disease is cellular inflammation caused by Toxins, Bad Fats, and Sugar! And our office can fix the damage!!

This is the mission behind the formation of AVTYH, to educate anyone who wants to learn how to be healthy, and provide them with the best support through a variety of modalities and top-shelf nutritionals!
What we offer:
In January of this year we moved our holistic sanctuary from New Jersey,
to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and then to Greensboro! 

A View To Your Health offers a complete wellness system that spans all
chronic illnesses and discomforts that we all face during our lifetimes. 

AVTYH serves as an educational center where people can come and
discuss their issues and improve their lifestyle by learning about the many
holistic modalities that are available.

Our main focus is on prevention, helping families stay healthy, feeling
young, energized and vitalized, through healthy diets, lifestyle and high-
grade natural supplements used as healing remedies.

Our bodies are always striving to be the best that they can be, but can be
derailed from this path by various stresses and toxins which throw off our
balance.  If you are currently out of balance and suffering some sort of
discomfort (weight gain, chronic pain, hormone issues, etc.), we can apply
the correct protocols that will help your body re-balance itself, and stay on
the road to good health.

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